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Terms and Conditions

  • All treats are prepared by the dozen and prices are subject to change anytime.

  • There is a minimum of 20 servings (Base Price $140.00) for cakes other than Holiday/Bundt Cakes (Pound Cakes).  

  • A scheduled pick-up/delivery date and time is discussed when order and payment is finalized. 

  • Orders under fifty dollars ($50.00) are paid in full and/or a deposit amount of fifty percent (50%) of your order’s total is required to book your date. 

  • Deposit holds only the date requested in a written email. Deposits are non-refundable. If a date change is requested, you must submit your request by email and dates are subject to availability and cannot be earlier than original requested date. 

  • Invoices are paid via PayPal using

  • Order payment and fees are due two (2) weeks prior to the event’s pick-up date and are non-refundable but transferable with date and time exceptions. Order can be canceled if final payment is not submitted on due date.    

  • Changes are allowed only by the individual whose name appears on the invoice. 

  • There is a strict No-Refund Policy unless there is a consensus an error was made by Dev Delights (Deveraux).

  • Unless otherwise stated in writing, there is no refund when full creative control is established by both the customer and Dev Delights (Deveraux) 

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